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Apple Smart Battery Case Iphone 7

Introducing the perfect solution for those with iphone 7 and 7s models - the apple smart battery case! This hard case is made from genuine apple products and will protect your phone during use. It includes a strong alu frame, while the case also features a dust-resistantantifludeplus. The hard case also includes a strong stand, so you can use your phone without problem. Finally, it is packed with features, including power outlet protection, audio and video out, and a built-in speaker. So your phone is always safe and you can still use it!

Charger Case Iphone 7

The charger case for the iphone 7 plus is perfect for when you need an extra place to keep your charger. It is made of durable materials to ensure your phone is protected. And if you're ever in the process of charging, this is the case that you need.

Phone Charging Case Iphone 7

This is a great applegenuine smart battery case for the iphone 786s6se. It is a new condition case with the original packaging. The case has a black finish and is made of durable materials. It is also lightweight and easy to wear. The case has a closure system with a keyhole and isinfinite amount of mag 8. 4"iq screen protection. this ultra thin battery case for the iphone 7 is perfect for those who want the peace of mind of knowing that their phone has a small battery even when it's not in use. The cases also features a unique logo and design that makes it easy to find on the inside fit of the case. this is a brand new, original power bank case for the iphone 786s6se. It is made of 100% genuine apple product and includes a strong, durable-looking design. It kept our phone running perfectly fine last month while we were on a trip and is still in great condition when we get it back. This case is sure to provide minutes of fun for your phone - so make sure you get a case that is! This battery pack case for the iphone 7 has a stylish design that will make your phone look and feel more like a new animal. It includes a floor mat and, to keep your battery as fast as possible, it also includes a third of a tank of juice. The case is also protection for your iphone from damage and impact.